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“All good ideas or new initiatives encounter skepticism and opposition motivated by fear and threat.”


“The value of your idea or service is what your customer can get out and prepared is there to pay for it…”


“If you want your innovation to open doors, then don’t give it away, but sell it to the person who values ​​it.”

Business purpose

“The goal of a company is to create customers keep them. All business activities should be focused on this.”

Become an Ecoleader!

Ecoleaders is the umbrella name for enterprising people. Customers – mostly freelancers and SMEs – work together with our independent experts to achieve objectives. Together we are Ecoleaders. We specialize in (technological) support for sustainable, biobased and / or circular initiatives.

Determining a (growth) strategy is about who you are, who you want to be and which product / service you want to bring to the market. It often presents the challenge. If you have an ultra-innovative product, you can take to the market in leaps and bounds. After all, it does not yet exist and the untapped market has been found. But does your intended customer find that too? How do you organize the marketing strategy and how do you finance R&D and perhaps simultaneously production and market introduction?

Or do you have an innovative idea that allows you to compete with existing markets or products? Then you will always be compared with the already known and you must prove yourself as a provider of an alternative solution. In that case, step-by-step growth will be more obvious.

Ecoleaders mainly focuses on improvements that lead to a better product or service. We offer support in:

  • the R&D phase (advice, financing, IP protection, etc.),
  • the validation phase (business plans, certifications, etc.)
  • the production phase (logistics, financing, etc.) and
  • the market penetration (strategy, marketing management, business development, etc.).

Hands-on entrepreneurship is central in all phases.
Innovative ideas know no limits. Neither does Ecoleaders. International business is “business as usual” for us. You decide what, where and how we can help you. An initial conversation and a cup of coffee will help. Do you dare to call yourself Ecoleader before long?

From Start-up to Scale-up

Fase 1

A good idea? Invest time and use the subsidy options and focus on the market introduction…

Fase 2
Launch fase

Protect the idea and focus on the customer’s wish. After all, the customer must be willing to pay…

Fase 3

Focus on the mission and vision and optimizing the business processes. Does everyone keep track of the growth rate?

Fase 4

Arrange in advance what the future should bring. Participation, share issue, sale or follow-up ..

Our services

Business Development 2.0

Our business developers 2.0 have knowledge of marketing, strategy, innovation (that leads to sales) and they are entrepreneurial-analytical, entrepreneurial-creative and entrepreneurial-communicative.

Together with our customers we develop and build a (new) strategy, in which we look ahead in phases. Everything revolves around a proper foundation. Only then a house is built and only then the house is furnished. In that order… This is a dynamic process in which “touch and experience” play an important role. It is obvious to have an eye for (macro) economic developments.

Product development resolves “pain”. Initially, this is an exploratory process (where is the ‘pain’?), After which it is (quickly) visualized by brainstorming and concept development. Feedback by involving stakeholders and / or customers at an early stage is evident. And if we have to, we’ll go back to the drawing board. After all, you may still fail during the early phase. You cannot do that from there on.

After completion of these phases, it’s time for sales. Analytical considerations regarding opportunity, finding the right sales channels and the right parties that also need the success of the customer are essential. This is what Ecoleaders excels in.

Dutch Desk

Every country has its own specific regulations and customs, including the Netherlands. Ecoleaders has developed its ‘Dutch Desk’ to help foreign companies and entrepreneurs. After all, you may not be familiar with our customs and procedures or the organisation of services mentioned on this site in the Netherlands. We are happy to help you with this.

Think of all aspects when setting up and operating a Dutch company (labor, finance, marketing, etc.), or notarial and / or financial agreements, real estate contracts, etc. In order to fully unburden our customer, our services cover the entire area from advice to active participation. When a foreign company or entrepreneur wants to settle in the Netherlands, there are numerous local, regional and national subsidy and stimulation options available. Our specialists are happy to help you find the right incentives.

Starting a business in the Netherlands is not a challenge. It’s an opportunity!
Welcome to the Dutch Desk of Ecoleaders.

Grants and tax incentives

Subsidies and tax incentives are opportunities for your company and offer you additional financial resources to achieve your goal. Ecoleaders takes care of the application process and management of subsidies for SMEs and the self-employed. We specialize in (technological) development of sustainable, biobased and / or circular initiatives.

Ecoleaders understands that your time is valuable and therefore takes as much work off your hands as possible. This makes our services interesting for start-ups, scale-ups and well-running companies with sufficient capital. A personal approach and a high success rate will reassure you that the process is in good hands.

The following applies to all Ecoleaders:

  • Subsidies act as a lever where you can tackle your current plans on a larger scale;
  • Grants often suit perfectly with your work and the administrative work is largely taken care of;
  • Promotion of your project through our network;
  • Your competitors also use it;
  • Clear cost structure.

Creative Concepts

Ecoleaders is fascinated by the process of creative development. Thanks to our experience, we have been fortunate to have a look behind the scenes of the product developer. We develop ourselves or we help our customers by expanding the vision. It might have been a good idea to make packaging with a new raw material, but an application in construction or infrastructure might be more lucrative.

We like to contribute ideas during this process. After all, creative thinking is the art of going down new paths to solve a problem. New solutions and applications can be devised by asking different questions from different angles.

The psychology behind our creative concepts shows 4 phases:

  • Preparation
  • Incubation
  • Insights
  • Testing

We are happy to tell you all about it during a personal interview.
Welcome to the creative world of Ecoleaders!


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